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My 4 favourite pieces of tech 0

My 4 favourite pieces of tech

Posted by on 24 Sep, 2014 in Blog

I’ve watched the explosion in interest in tech over the last 10 years with bemusement. Conversations that were relegated to impassioned exchanges between fellow geeks now seem to bleed into dinner table...

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The ongoing $50 research account 0

The ongoing $50 research account

Posted by on 16 Sep, 2014 in Blog

A few weeks ago I was riding in the car with a loved one. I was talking about a new project idea and doing a very clumsy job of explaining it. I got a few questions back that I couldn’t answer, and I got...

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Why I’m an open book 2

Why I’m an open book

Posted by on 9 Sep, 2014 in Blog

Every now and then, I’m made to feel ashamed about being so open. It’s bizarre I know, but when you volunteer to people how you’ve dealt with mental illness, are bisexual, and that you’ve written a book about...

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