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Hi I’m Luke, I love writing, electronic music, meditation, running, and tech. This blog captures my thoughts, aspirations, and is a vehicle for what’s firing me up.

I’m a big believer in personal development, and am always striving to be a better person. My mission is:

To inspire, create and collaborate with people so that we can bring more awesome into the world.

I’ve worked at Google, and Facebook, have consulted with startups, written a book on mental health and sexuality, and maintain a blog.

I love presenting, and have done presentations for Google, Facebook, ADMAThe University of Melbourne, Hatched, Ignite Sydney, Oliver & York, and Pozible.
This is something I’m looking to do more of, and can take briefs and commitments outside of normal Mon-Friday work hours.


I dabble with consulting and try to help others, and you can book an appointment with me here.
A list of other places I’m active can be found at

Or contact me at hello [at] lukemarshall [dot] net