The Life Off-site 2

The Life Off-site

Posted by on 2 Jul, 2017 in Blog

“What if we decided not to do IVF again?” The words sounded alien. We were sitting in a café, and they had just come out of my wife’s mouth. I was stunned. There was no denying that the IVF journey had been...

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5 Hustles in 5 Months (updated) 0

5 Hustles in 5 Months (updated)

Posted by on 13 Feb, 2017 in Blog

Note: A few things got in the way of this happening, please see my update at the bottom. Here are a couple of things that frustrate the crap out of me in 2017: The way I have taken care of my body over the...

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My 2016 in Review 0

My 2016 in Review

Posted by on 30 Dec, 2016 in Blog

You know that feeling you have when you put something off for a very long time? Something that if you got around to it you would be feeling a lot better, but you keep putting it off because it’s been built up...

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