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Twenty Fourteen.

A year that overwhelmingly shone in ways that I couldn’t have anticipated. A recalibration of direction that actually saw a fundamental change in direction for me, and one that left me exceedingly pleased with how the year went. Life doesn’t go to a script, and 2014 was a case in point.

First, let’s review the goals I had (from my older, now defunct blog):

Goals 1

1) Build a fresh, independent business that relieves me of financial pressures

Looking back with the benefits of what I know now, this was a very flawed goal. Starting a business was where my heart was telling me where I wanted to go, but the second part is extremely optimistic. You don’t start a first-year business to make money. I know this now, and I was very fortunate to score some great wins with in quick succession.

So I got a job instead. A great job with the same startup vibe that I was pining for, but the backing of being a big company. I’m ridiculously pleased with how this has panned out. I get to live in Melbourne and earn good money and reconnect with what’s important.

The business aspirations haven’t gone away, but I’d rather revisit this at a later time when I am free of financial pressures. 

Rating: 7/10

2) Become fit and healthy enough to feel good about my appearance

This seems to be an ongoing struggle for me. I get waves of activeness, and then subside again into old patterns. On the plus side, I joined a gym and have been going. I got a personal trainer who is working with me weekly to get me on track. And my love for running has been rekindled with another half-marathon completed, along with some other long double-digit runs this year too.

Lots of work yet to do, and I think it’s mainly around diet. I just love eating out too much and it shows!

Rating: 4/10

3) Commit to increasing focus so that motivation and attention levels remain high

I’m quite pleased with this goal, however vague it may sound. My focus and attention levels are at a newfound high. I’ve smashed at least 30 books this year, a big improvement on last year and I’m better for it. Meditation continues to be a big part of my life, and I’m committed to a simple 5 minutes a day, and then longer if I need it. I quit caffeine late this year and am enjoying not being dependent on a jolt to get going. In fact, I can get out of bed and be firing on all cylinders straight off the bat and am even exempt from afternoon crashes now. 

There’s always more that can be done, and next year I’ll be considering things like more exercise, yoga, and looking at diet more to ensure focus remains laser.

Rating 9/10

Being Great

While it was nice to have some goals to reflect on, it’s much better having a welcome change in direction. Like I said earlier, with the business on hold I’ve scored a job I love. I had a mentor for some of this year, and he helped me set some bigger life goals. The books I’ve read informed a lot of my direction, and goals I had from previous years (like wanting to go to New York) were finally achieved.

My perpetual wanderlust has seemed to subside, the US saw me twice this year, with another trip scheduled in February, and that’s more than enough for me. Asia still has my heart but isn’t going anywhere. And what I’ve realised is there is no rush.

Next steps

In the coming weeks I’m going to set some goals for next year in line with what I’d like to achieve. Probably around 3-5 again. Stay tuned.