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Speaking at Ignite Sydney last year I urged the crowd to get moving, as there’s no time like the present to take your idea and run with it. What the crowd didn’t know, was that I was following my own advice, quitting my job at Google, relocating back to Melbourne, and starting

I mention this talk because one of the pieces of advice I repeated was:

Everything you need to know has already been written down.

The Internet, and books, are your two greatest allies when starting something, and today I’m going to focus on blogs. Below are six blogs on growth and attracting users. They come from a mixture of angles, but are providing me with solid advice.


Andrew provides essays around every fortnight centred around growth and the Silicon Valley. He’s mentioned in all the literature I’ve absorbed thus far, and his breakdown of the Airbnb/Craigslist hack is compelling reading (and brimming with insights). As someone who is very far away from the scene, it helps give me an idea of the pace of things over there, and also lends ideas that I might be able to adapt to lil’ old Melbourne, Australia.

Nathan Barry

Nathan is all about promoting product and distributing it. He’s had repeated successes applying his techniques and methodologies, and if you’ve got the time and patience, his drip-feed email newsletter is full of nuggets of wisdom too. He has announced he is taking a break for now, but if you’re looking to get up to speed on launching products I think his words are definitely worth sifting through.

Noah Kagan’s blog is new on my list, and I subscribed after reading about his stuff in Ryan Holiday’s book: Growth Hacker Marketing. It’s a little more “How-To”-ish, and even though the titles are on the sensationalist side, the practical information it lends makes it well worth subscribing to.

Social Triggers

Derek Halpern has a bright outlook and exhibits some great tongue-in-cheek. He builds a great case for distributing content via multiple channels, and even though I prefer reading to viewing videos – the option is usually there for most of his entries should you wish to watch his videos. Also worth viewing to see what pose he does for his various blog selfies – I love it! I heard about this one via Mark Middo’s 5 Minute Business.

Smart Passive Income Blog

Pat Flynn has an extremely open and accessibly site and has a fantastic attitude to online. His test-and-learn approach is completely upfront as he continues to tinker with formulas and online methods focused on earning money as passively as possible. His monthly reports give rich insight into what the numbers side of things can be like, and most of what is posted is done via audio for those who like to listen and learn.

WP Curve

Alex and Dan are living the test-and-learn approach at hyper-speed. Last year they rapidly launched a business in 7 days, and have set some audacious goals this year in pursuit of their key metric: MRR (monthly recurring revenue). To do this, they’ve taken a content-production style approach that involves best practices and volume consistently. They’ve been quite fun to follow and also disclose everything they earn as well.

If there’s any similar blogs you think I’m missing out on, be sure to let me know in the comments!