Select Page has taken a break over the holiday period. And returned recharged and working with our first customer. Over the break, we ventured back home to be with family far away from digital/marketing/online. During our time away, we often got asked a question that should be easy to answer, yet is sometimes not.

A relatively straight-forward question

At, we got asked by a number of extended family what is it that you do?

It’s a simple enough question. But surprisingly hard to answer outside of sounding like a wanker.

Problem Identified
This is a real challenge. The best service businesses know what they do and they do it well. The beauty of having a business like is that we can adapt as quick as we need to. And we’re cutting to the chase.


Don’t despair

Not sure about online
Think you can do more in the online space? Looking to advertise on the web? Talk to us about your business challenges and we’ll offer an upfront opinion as to whether we can help or not.

With no bullshit, and in language we can both understand.