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Yesterday we announced our new digital consultancy. Its intention is to focus on getting small businesses online, by demonstrating the power of digital marketing. It’s founded by myself, Luke Marshall, an experienced digital marketer who has worked within agencies, and been shortlisted for awards working at Google.

We started because we think there’s an opportunity to work more closely with partners, cut through the red tape, and just do whatever it takes to get the job done.

What experience do you have?
We come with six years digital experience across media, creative, and supplier. We have a keen eye for digital and during my time I’ve worked across an array of clients including Foxtel, Nestle, News Ltd, Mastercard, Unilever, P&G and many more. Part of the decision to leave a big company was a desire to take the learnings I have from working with the biggest clients, and translate them into more tactical executions and learnings for clients we can see impact with and have autonomy.

What services do you offer?
Before starting, we’d like to consult and talk through the process with an obligation-free consultation. We’ll chat, get an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve, and determine whether we can help. Some of the services we can help with include:

Where are you based?
We’re relocating down to Victoria real soon. We’ll be based out of Melbourne, and able to meet local contacts, or hold our consults over Google Hangouts and Skype.

Wondering if we can help? Let’s talk. Simply complete contact us and we’ll come back to you with a smile.

Hack Digital is a new digital consultancy founded by Luke Marshall. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter where he likes to talk about music, technology, and digital.