Select Page likes to keep an eye on what’s going on in the world of digital. Below are four recent stand-out campaigns that captured our attention.

Clicking anywhere in the clip unlocks a piece of content for the same song

The 24-Hour Music Clip
Hot off being the vocalist for one of the most popular songs of the year, Pharrell has even made a movie song tie-in look cool. The track Happy, done for Despicable Me 2, features a microsite called 24 Hours of Happy. This site allows users to click anywhere in time and see either Pharrell or a random sing the song and – generally – be happy. This sort of fluid video is very nifty, and reminds us of Google’s Art|Copy|Code initiative with creatives.
Hat-tip: Adverblog

When free ideas go wrong?
Brandflakesforbreakfast broke a story about free ideas every Friday from an agency called Manifold. As a nascent digital consultancy, was curious to see how things went for the agency and whether it drummed up a bunch of business. Unfortunately, its not immediately evident. At time of writing, appeared down. And there’s not so much as a murmur on their Twitter or Facebook about how it went. The offending site – – seems to still be live, so wishes them all the best. Business must have been a little too good.

It knows the pizza is driving past see?

The Pizza Hijack
At we’re in love with quick, cheap, and tactical campaigns that leverage or otherwise profit off something else. So while the viewcount for this cheeky video from Dominos isn’t the best. It’s great to see it riding on the coat-tails of British Airway’s more famous billboard.
Hat-tip: Digital Buzz Blog

unhappy phone
No phone? Your meal is half-price

Put your phone away and earn half-price meals
In a sign-of-the-times kind-of trend, a restaurant in Jerusalem has encouraged patrons to put their phone away and earn a half-price meal. But how will people know what we ate? We hear you scream. Well, I guess that’s an expensive decision for you to make next time you’re rocking Israel.
Hat-tip: SpringWise