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Make love, not war 
I used to work on Axe (it’s called Lynx in Australia) and really enjoyed the cheekiness the brand explored with much chagrin. This cinematic video is a major shift in direction, and I think they’re on a winner. The content is still engaging towards their target audience of teens to early 20s, but the message seems more altruistic, and sticky.

The campaign is backed up by social calls-to-action, magnificent print ads, and will premiere in the US during the Superbowl.

A refreshing change from a brand that was starting to stink.

Watch the video here.
Hat-tip: The Inspiration Room


Take it easy and lose the phone

Keeping it low-tech
In December, we acknowledged a campaign that was trying to get phones out of restaurants. Now Guinness is in on the action as well with a simple message reminding you to put the phone down and blow the froth off a cold one. It’s no secret that our behaviours have changed with the pervasiveness of technology, and low-tech ads that call out this behaviour can be quite clever.

Hat-tip: Brandflakesforbreakfast


A brand that does me a favour? I’m in

Swipe away that junk
Particularly with social media, there is an ongoing joke that nobody wants to be friends with washing detergent. So finding a hook in social as a cleaning wipe is a pretty difficult task, as the brand’s relevance is simply not there.

At least, that’s until Ajax Social Wipes came along. A cure little Facebook application that “cleans” the pages you used to like.

I had a good laugh at this gadget, but like the many people who have linked it, it’s actually quite useful!

Hat-tip: DigitalBuzz Blog