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I’m looking for a professional coach. What follows is a bit of a download as to why, but if you know of anyone or think these words will resonate with someone that can help me then please let me know via PM or comments.

I grew up a keen gamer. I was particularly fond of RPGs (role-playing games). There was always something better I could do or get. Better armour, a new skill, a shiny new object that kept me exploring for longer. 

As I reflect back on those days, I wonder why that desire has worn off in some areas of my life, and is ridiculously polished in others.

Take my love for electronic music for starters. Since hearing and identifying with my first beats in my teens, I’ve been happily absorbing sounds ever since. Whether it’s techno, progressive house, or some ambient chillout, if some thought was invested in it then there’s a very good chance I will like it. In this instance, my Mum was wrong – “it’s a phase you’re growing through” – she used to say.

Gaming on the other hand, like a dusty cartridge in the back of a Lego box, has fallen by the wayside. I still have bursts of inspiration to play games, but they pass quickly and no longer hold my attention like they used to.

What I’ve got instead is a steely desire for IRL self-improvement, that generally centres around working life and relationships. I’ll touch more on both of these in a minute.

This steely desire drives me like no other force. Its persistent and something I tap into where ever I can. For some things its quite easy to access, like when I have a deadline or am running a race. In other areas its tough to get going – such as self-learning things and even reading. But its always there, driving me forward and towards an invisible goal that I have trouble identifying. I’m here today because of it, and I am proud.

Late last year, I identified a need for a personal coach. It’s been hard to explain this need, but I know I want one and I know what areas I’m looking for help in.

1) My working life
I’ve got an amazing job. I love what I do and am continually learning. Sometimes I like to talk about my work challenges with somebody outside of the immediate workplace as some of the bigger challenges I encounter can do with some thought away from the coalface. I also like to plan, and am always projecting where I could be in 1, 3, or even 10 years from now. Historically, I’ve done these projections and pow-wows informally with friends. Its got me this far, but my needs are starting to move past what my friends can provide – and the thought of talking to a professional who is used to people bouncing things off them appeals and makes sense.

2) Relationships
I pride myself on the company I keep. I like to be there for people and enjoy having people I can lean on. I think I can be better at my relationships, particularly new ones as I look to progress professionally and advance my working life. I enjoy networking and consider myself a social creature by nature. I’m currently reading Never Eat Alone, and what surprises me most is not what it’s telling me – its more the fact that I’ve been following a lot of the author’s advice already.

There’s probably more to it, and I’m not quite sure what I’m doing, but I feel like I can’t get the personal progression I desire without deciding to go down this path.