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Almost six weeks ago, I joined a program called Precision Nutrition. The course was a significant investment for me, and not just financially. Rather than set a plethora of goals like in other recent years, I’m focussed on one thing – my health. How am I progressing since? Well in spite of a 4-day music festival and a trip to the US for a conference, I’m doing pretty well! The course advocates taking things slowly and focussing on changing behaviours rather than focussing on results. I’ve been eating slower, and less, and trying to make some deliberate changes for the better.

I just thought I’d share two letters to my coach, one near the start of the course, and one now.

Date: 29th January 2015
Subject: Struggled to catch-up

Hey Coach,

I’ve just caught up on each daily module. I really struggled to get through it all after hitting some exhaustion coming back from camping.
I’m feeling a bit better today, and have caught up on the modules and am off to see my personal trainer this morning.
I’m also worried as I’ve got a trip to the US on Sunday from the 1st February to the 7th February for a Sales Conference with work.

Is it normal to be struggling with routine here? I feel like I’ve just started and am already floundering.

And today, I feel better, and I think it’s shining through in my attitude.

Date: 20th February 2015
Subject: Luke’s on top of things

Hey Coach,

Thanks for the check-in!
Things are going pretty well. I’m really enjoying having the gym close to home and my running is slowly getting back into some form.
This week:
1. 5km run and PT session
2. Upper Body 1
3. 5km run
4. Lower Body 2
5. 5km run and doing Upper Body 2 later this afternoon

80% full was a bit tricky [one of the habits to commit to] to begin with (I’m used to hoofing down my food and everything on my plate). But once I got used to that alongside slow eating [another habit we commit to], I’ve been feeling pretty good. One of the lessons this week was very helpful – which talked about reviewing satiety after each bite. As such, I’ve been doing pretty well at leaving something for most lunches and dinners.

I’ve also implemented a “I only drink on Saturdays” strategy. I’m a very social person and my partner and I would have wine most nights and then more drinking on the weekend. Wiping out alcohol altogether isn’t really a viable option for me (and nor is it something I really want to do at this stage). I stuck to it last week and enjoyed Saturday, and this week it’s been more of the same. We hosted a dinner party last night and I was happily sipping soda water. Having the phrase to fall back on is helpful with pushy friends too.
Lastly, I did something a little crazy Coach. I entered the Gold Coast Marathon for July 5th.

I’ve been a keen runner for some time and have ran three half-marathons in the last 2 years despite my weight. I’ve been feeling good about this program and it’s always been a dream of mine to run a marathon. I don’t have visibility on the next 6-weeks of exercises after this lot, but thought I should flag it. I’m training to this schedule (I’m on the 3rd Friday so far):


I’ve integrated the exercises as well into my schedule, with Wednesday 5k runs replacing Active Recovery, and foregoing Intervals in favour of running on the weekends too.

The workouts have been great, and at the new gym I take in my folder with the printed out exercises and complete them. I’ve really noticed the increase to 4 sets though – particularly with the squats and planks!
So the week is going well! I didn’t anticipate this email being as long, but I guess I had a bit to say.

Cheers for the check-in.

P.S. I changed the title of the email as it’s not true any more.

It’s early days, but the change in attitude is palpable – I’ve got this!