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About six months ago I was doing a training day on pitching. It was a day filled with insight and teachings, and the most nerve-wracking experience was watching ourselves on camera and in action. There’s something quite squirm-inducing hearing your own voice. Let alone seeing your technique recorded for all to disseminate and dissect. But as a learning experience it’s pretty damn informative, as all the quirks, mannerisms, and ums that come out of you are recorded and on display.

Around that time I thought this was a really good exercise for getting myself outside my comfort zone and getting real feedback on how I can improve one of the things I love. During this period of inspiration, I got a copy of Camtasia, a lapel mic, and jotted some ideas down in Evernote for a project to start.

Then six months passed, and I was still entertaining the idea of doing the project, see: procrastinating.

The thing is, as much as I love speaking, presenting, and talking, it’s really challenging doing it while being recorded. Further, once I did record myself I cringed at how I looked and sounded and had second thoughts about commencing this project.

But as I mention in the below video, the best way to get better at something is via practice, and practice is what I intend to do.

For the next 5 weeks, I’m going to try and turn around a video on a presentation topic each week and upload it to the Internet for all to see. The idea being that with feedback, I can gradually get better at presenting in this fashion. Or at the very least, see myself and make adjustments accordingly.

I’ve got a few ideas on what topics I could talk about in future videos, here are a few:
– what I’ve learned from a year of meditation
– what I know from writing a book
– what I know about moving for your first time overseas
– what I know about living in rural Australia
– what I’ve picked up from being an Australian abroad
– what I know from bartending at a nightclub
– what I know about starting a YouTube video log
– what I know from working at a large international tech company
– what I know about meeting new people at a networking event
– what it’s like to meet one of your online heroes

Give me a shout if any of those stick.
And if you’re feeling really charitable, give the video a watch and deliver any feedback you think might help it improve!