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Have you got a business plan?
Since deciding to pull the trigger and launch, we’ve received a lot of feedback and questions. The number one query has centred around the above question. The thing is, we don’t think its the most important. Sure, we’ve got an idea of what we’re initially going to offer, who our target could be, what services we can offer, and some ideas about getting customers – but by making a plan the number one priority, we’re neglecting a core part of our offering.

The power of hacking
As a lean operation that has a lot to learn, the emphasis is on remaining agile and ready to adapt. The above illustration is a jotted down strategy that took a few minutes to put together. But it tells a story, and leaves you in now doubt of its flowing, iterative approach.

 The idea is launch early and iterate.
– Mark Zuckerberg, VentureBeat, 2009

To future customers
We’re looking to get businesses online and demonstrate its power. We’re focused on harnessing technology and making it perform for you. We approach things with an approach that looks to buck trends and disrupt things. Our talents lie in the new, and we’re comfortable navigating digital for you.

The challenge
So what’s the plan? Let’s talk about making and breaking things. We can make digital perform for you.  Small business trying to harness online? Agency looking to get something off  the ground and restricted by red tape? Let us help you.